Hi, My Name is George Gevorkian
I'm a product designer experienced with optimizing user experience for cloud platforms
I have managed multiple UX projects for cloud security platforms and developed products from startup ideas to hyper-growth. I specialize in productizing technologies that evolve through an array of specialized strategic and technical solutions designed to cultivate increased innovation, visibility, and clarity.
My strength is understanding how customers use products, which I then translate into intuitive stories and workflows that focus on helping customers onboard, operationalize, and see value in the cloud solutions they invest in.
I have a track record of designing Cloud Network Management tools, Multi-cloud security, and Zero trust solutions. 

- Process and practices 
- Extracting insights and design principles.
- Developing and monitoring standards for user interfaces, design direction, interactions.
- Working experiences as part of a cross-functional team with founders, product managers, developers, engineers, and offshore teams. 
- Managing and mentoring design teams.

My approach to design and process
- Collecting information
- Learning, brainstorming, and analyzing
- Defining the problem
- Developing solution
- Building model
- Idea presentation and validation
- Improving design
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